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Sounds Good

Hey yall! I am so happy to be writing this. It has been sooooooooooo long! So much has happened since my last post. So much. To keep a long story short, I had Covid. No...Covid had me. LOL. I am still not completely back to normal and I don't know if or when I will be so I will just keep moving forward. While I was down, I was able to see so much of me from a different perspective. God has been putting me in so many different positions and I am so glad to be able to do the work. The small things really matter. The small things to us may be major to others and that cycle repeats and switches places frequently. I am usually a "no" person. My automatic response is usually no. Don't ask me, I can't, I won't, I love you but NO. Saying a firm no seemed to help me in sooooo many situations but at the beginning of this year...I unexplainably became a "yes" person. It wasn't on purpose or even intentional. I just found myself saying yes to things that I could do. The absolute BIGGEST shocker for me was when people kept asking me to borrow money. In January, five different people asked me to borrow money. I am a single mother of three so I definitely don't loan money lol. Do yall know that I said yes? To all of them. I shocked myself. But I realized that I was in a position to. Sometimes, we talk big talk. We talk about where we WANT to be before we are there and that sounds good. Don't get me wrong, I am BIG on manifesting. Speak it into existence and it will come! BUT...we have to work the work. It CANNOT only sound good. I have said yes to many things over the past few months. I have even gained a new friendship and that was a hard NO for me. No new friends. But when we close ourselves up, we miss out on so much. I am sure that life and past trauma has hardened a lot of us but we all need new beginnings, new experiences, new friendships, etc.

This year alone I have been a better friend, mother, therapist, advisor, confidant, safe space, etc. and while being that to others I was finally able to see that I am in a great space. I am able to give more of me because I am not lacking. I never wanted to be one of those stingy people who met their goals, and literally forgot about everyone and I'm not. People can become that way unintentionally because they are trying to hold on to whatever they built or acquired but it's actually more about releasing and receiving. This applies to EVERYTHING! Don't make it only sound good. Put in the work. You can't be the rich auntie if you don't have a relationship with your nieces and nephews. It only sounds good. Growing up, I had adults around me that poured nothing into me and will somehow mention themselves when it comes to my successes. It only SOUNDS GOOD. Don't worry about the opinions of others. The people who matter know. If you worked that work and you wanna talk yo talk, DO IT! Be proud and celebrate yourself but when it sounds better than it is...let your work speak louder than your words.

I would tell yall what's on the way for KingMeekPublishings but for now, it only SOUNDS GOOD so let me get to work! Thanks for reading, liking, sharing, etc. Get to work!

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