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Updated: Jul 29, 2022

It's almost August. It's almost VIRGO season and I'm back on my bs. Haven't blogged in a while. Been busier than busy but found myself missing it. Decided to take it all in, see what was really what. It's a whole lot of scammers, fake pages, fake people, mad people, sad people, and jealous people and I don't have to deal with any of them!

Andre 3000 was always one of my absolute favorites but he stayed away from "the life". I caught rare pictures and snippets of what he had going on through the years and of course, I listened to his music but he remained a mystery. I understand and respect him so much because we only know what we THINK we know when it comes to him.

I get it! Let them wonder, let them talk, let them think whatever. This peace is so priceless. And I paid my dues! There is absolutely no situation or person that I would press rewind for if I had to pay in peace. Everything I thought I lost came back bigger and better. Everything!

With all that being said, I just wanted to pop in and say hey!!! Life is good. Life is great.

And if any of yall know Andre, tell him I said whaddup tho!

God, peace, happiness, health, abundance in all areas!

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