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Updated: May 6, 2021

It's safe for me to say that 2021 has had a rocky start. We are only three weeks in and there has been more action than a little. Some good, some bad, some planned and LOTS of the unexpected. I am thankful to be a person who has many little projects happening simultaneously. With such a hectic method, nothing really ever stops. That has been my saving grace this year. Some events have completely changed my views on some situations and people and I am looking forward to making the changes that will put me in a happier space mentally and physically. Change doesn't happen overnight but consistency pays off in the long run! I finally sat down and wrote out my goals for this year. I cannot wait to start checking them off! Homeownership is at the top of my list and I am more than excited to start the journey. I remember starting my first year as a teacher and my grandmother told me that she wanted to see my purchase my first land and home. Sadly, I couldn't even visualize it for myself. It was as though she was speaking foreign language to me lol. Now though, in 2021, I am so glad that I didn't purchase back then. I simply wasn't ready. I am ready now and thats the nature of growth. I can stand on my own two feet. As a single mother of three little people, I am finally ready. I know what I can do. God's timing is everything. We are blessed that we have always had a roof, even during some very hard times but it is time to be the owner and not the renter

. As I look at my list of things to accomplish in 2021, I realize that the only specific that I gave was 2021- That could mean December or it could mean next week. Regardless of when my goals are complete, there is one thing that I must ALWAYS do- Push On!

It is my hope and prayer that you will push on too. Write out your goals and manifest them. Watch it work out in your favor if you just Push On! Have a blessed, safe, and productive week! Thanks for reading!

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