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Note to Self and to Yall

Updated: May 6, 2021

Go HARDER! The pressure is on. The timer is on. Stop sparing feelings and DO YOU. I didn't realized that I was allowing myself to be trapped. I was really worried about backlash in some instances. The content I write about, the moves I make, the decisions I make for ME are all for me! I think many of us live in this way. Overall, we may not care what the general public thinks but we really care what our close circle will say. We care what our parents, siblings, and children will say but we must understand that the journey belongs to us. As long as we aren't harming others...GO! I walked away from a few situations last year and I am so happy that I did. So much was revealed. We must all take our blinders off and design the life that we want. Stop letting people tell you how to live YOUR life because it makes them uncomfortable. This is personal! FUCK them people and GO! Those same people that you love so much will either reveal the fake love, get with the program, or get out of the way. You are no dummy and you don't need anyone to think for you. Take your power back and walk into your greatness. You were designed to go bigger. Stop playing yourself and level up. Let them be mad. While it may hurt at first, always remember that growth is personal and painful. The good news is that when you get over that lil hurt, you'll never go back down. Keep leveling up respectfully and disrespectfully if needed. A new month is upon us. I encourage you to GO!



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