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Friday Nights Be Like

Updated: May 6, 2021

It is Friday evening, I am in my pajamas, a scarf, and a bonnet. I will probably be sleep within the next hour or two. It is chilly out, just like I like it. Dinner consisted of cereal and an orange. It be like that sometimes. The kids ate whatever they wanted. I am truly amazed at the Friday night shift. I have never been a turn up queen but I always looked forward to Friday. Before last year, Friday represented a celebration. A celebration of another work week completed. If I wanted to consume an entire bottle of my favorite wine, Friday night would've been perfect for it. If I wanted to kick it with family or friends, Friday night would've been perfect for it.Now though...Friday night is so different. I'm not complaining about it. I am just amazed at what a few life events can do to your entire perspective.

Perspective is major. At this point, I never want to have the desire to celebrate the completion of a work week in such a manner. Me looking forward to Friday only confirmed that I was being completely OWNED by my job. Perspective. Now I know and understand that every single day is a precious one. Imagine having seven days and only looking forward to one of them. So silly. I am thankful for life events that have taught me the importance of day by day. Appreciating each moment. I was on social media this morning and I kid you not...I saw more than ten "RIP" posts. It appeared that the majority of the deaths were completely unexpected. I am beyond thankful to still be here. I think of my own death often. Daily. I have had a few close calls and when you come that close to it, it isn't something that ever really leaves you. Every morning I get on my knees and pray a prayer of gratitude for a new day. Monday and Tuesday of this week weren't great. I returned to my job for the first time since Thanksgiving Break. That was hard enough. Then some other things happened that really put me in an unknown zone. As I do with everything, I prayed. Hard. Wednesday was a little better. Thursday was a good day. Today has been a good day. I am not dwelling on the bad or the sad. Earlier this week, I really had to "let go and let God". So much easier said than done but ALWAYS the best thing. It's Friday night, I'm alive, my kids are great, the family is doing good overall. My circle is small but they are solid.

While it is evident that it is the MF'N WEEKEND, I am quite sure that I will be up at 5 a.m. as usual lol. Friday Nights once meant pour it up, sleep in, kickbacks, etc. Now Friday Nights be like shower, clean sheets, Nyquil, Netflix, fridge and pantry stocked, R&B playlists, reading, safe, blessed, thankful!

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