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Do It Regardless

Updated: May 6, 2021

Happy February! I woke up with the headache of my life. The kind of headache that can only be cured by closing your eyes for at least an hour. I stayed up most of the night for reasons unknown. I just couldn't sleep. I had my coffee, veggie sausage, and a pancake. Handled my morning business and came to work. The first thing that I did when I entered my office was complete a "to do list" for the day. My list has eight items that include schoolwork, KingMeek Work, work work, editing a new novel, exercising and more. My head started hurting more and I felt dizzy. I took two ibuprofen and turned on my gospel playlist. I must've listened to the gospel for at least an hour while doing some light work. Rhonda, my sister/cuz called and I vented to her and told her that I was overwhelmed and simply tired, in need of a vacay, and sick of wearing these masks. She let me vent and when we hung up she sent me an encouraging text. Almost instantly, the majority of my headache lifted. It's still there but not as intense. I feel about 70% better and I am thankful. I put on my trap music and now I am vibing. I am working on something so big that it makes my head hurt. I am excited, terrified, and so much more. I actually guess that's a good thing. It is freezing cold, my head hurts, I am big tired on a Monday but I am gonna push on and do it regardless.

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